Sustainable Ivanhoe is about continuing to harness our passion for our locale to further protect Ivanhoe from deleterious change and make it one of Melbourne’s premier suburbs.

If you are interested in

  • looking at ways that individuals/streets can access, install or implement renewable energy strategies
  • investigating ways that individuals/streets can lower their carbon footprint
  • continuing to cherish and protect existing natural habitats/wildlife corridors
  • investigating and implementing practices that will help mitigate the effects of climate change in our own houses and gardens
  • working with Banyule City Council to ensure that all their planning is based on sound sustainable practices
  • meeting local people
  • contributing your own ideas or wishes to this group

then we would love to hear from you, either as an individual or as a family or as a street…
But more importantly we would love to meet you so that Ivanhoe residents can work together to improve the current and future liveability of Ivanhoe.